History of Our Name

Geospiza was founded in 1997 with the goal of helping our customers accelerate their research and discovery with solutions to track, manage and analyze genetic sequencing data.

With that in mind, the name, Geospiza, was selected. The Geospiza are the genus of finches from the Galapágos Islands, famous for their role in illustrating mechanisms of evolution.

Charles Darwin, one of history's greatest biologists, was stymied by valuable lost data from his trip to the Galapágos Islands as a young man. Although he collected many specimens of Geospiza, he failed to note where they were collected, thus delaying publication of his famous treatise—which in turn delayed the whole study of the science of evolution.

The company chose the name "Geospiza" to reflect the constant evolutionary nature of software for genetic analysis and to remind us that simple things like forgetting to record information or incorrectly formatting a sample name can have far-reaching consequences which can delay meaningful discoveries.

At Geospiza, one of our key goals is to help our customers avoid making Darwin's mistake. Thank you for making us part of your journey of discovery.

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