Data Management

In addition to tracking process information within a workflow, GeneSifter Lab Edition (formerly FinchLab) offers a comprehensive system to manage the resulting data files. Geospiza organizes your data in an intuitive way so that you can access, view and download data in standard formats (e.g. FASTA) to quickly reference and analyze results.

In addition to your genetic analysis data, GeneSifter provides the ability to store any type of file (i.e. .pdf, .xls, etc.) so that you can manage your projects, folders and data in a way that makes the most sense to you.

Quality Control and Data Review Provide a Clear Line of Sight

GeneSifter Lab Edition provides integrated features to control quality proactively - to ensure that core lab customers see the results you want them to view. The hold-before-release option allows you and lab management team to review data prior to releasing it to customers. At this stage, you can repeat the samples any number of times and track all of the data. You decide which data to release to your customers. Thumbnail quality pictures can be seen in a quick view display for quality review and statistics. If quality issues are identified, data can be edited in real-time with revision tracking available for reference.

See where gaps in quality originate, through reports by user, groups, instruments, etc. Quality information helps catch errors in ongoing processes proactively, controlling costs by reducing rework and retesting of samples. Then share those views through the web based interface to proactively manage quality risks before they occur.

Data Quality Review

In addition to the quality control methods available to lab management, the end-user or researcher is able to view data quality to facilitate initial analysis and evaluation of the sample results. These views can be shared with the lab or with colleagues for further discussion. Data views include enhanced quality review and statistics that are available with thumbnail quality pictures in a quick edit view.

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Selected Data Formats
• Chromatograms AB1
• Fragment Files
• SCF Chromatograms
• Other Standard Formats
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