Geospiza GeneSifter® for Genetic Analysis

Geospiza's products provide integrated solutions for genetic analysis to help researchers and core lab managers focus on the science - not the software.

GeneSifter Analysis Edition

Access easy-to-use statistical, visualization and annotation tools for Microarray and Next Generation Sequencing data. Watch a video.

GeneSifter Lab Edition

Manage cross-platform core lab operations from a single interface out-of-the-box. Watch a video.

Contact us for more information or to find out how Geospiza can help with your data analysis or lab automation needs. Call or email today: 1-800-762-4000, or Request More Info.


Supported Platforms:

Life Tech:
Capillary Electrophoresis, SOLiD Sequencers, and Ion Torrent PGM

Genome Analyzer, HiSeq, MiSeq and iScan System for BeadArrays

GS FLX™ , GS Junior™ and NimbleGen Microarrays

GeneChip® Microarray System

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