FinchTV - A Brilliant Trace Viewer

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With over 60,000 downloads to date, Geospiza’s FinchTV is the popular way to view DNA sequence traces on Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, and Solaris. FinchTV started as the only chromatogram viewer that can display an entire trace in a scalable multi-pane view. And it leads the way with raw data views, BLAST searching and the ability to reverse complement sequences and traces.


Version 1.4 of FinchTV adds the ability to print with custom scale settings and includes useful bug fixes and performance improvements. Download it today!

With this newest version, we also introduce the ability to integrate with Geospiza’s GeneSifter Lab Edition. Advance your research now by using GeneSifter Lab Edition with FinchTV as a Client.

Working with sequencing data and want to keep complete track of adjustments made to your base calls? For the first time ever, scientists and life science core facilities can make edits to their trace files and save those edits back into a commercially supported relational database - with complete revision history and accessibility and share-ability over the Web.

Combining GeneSifter Lab Edition with the FinchTV as a Client is an absolute must-have combination for core lab managers and scientists that are truly serious about their research and the projects they work on.

  • Make edits to trace files and save changes back into GeneSifter Lab Edition
  • Track every change with complete revision histories
  • View edit summaries by user, time stamps and added comments

Download it today!

Geospiza also offers software for Microarray and Next Gen Data Analysis


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