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Download FinchTV

It's that easy. Now just click on the link below that represents the operating system you are using and the executable file should automatically launch.

Click the link for your operating system:

Mac OS X Intel*: 15.7M
Mac OS X PPC*: FinchTV_1_4_0.dmg 6.6M
Windows: 8.8M
Linux: finchtv_1_3_1.tar.gz 6.7M
Solaris: finchtv_1_3_1.tar.gz 6.6M
* To download on Macintosh you may have to control click (right click) and select the "save link to disk" option.
Using FinchTV as a Client for Geospiza Finch Suite is currently available for Mac and Windows based systems only.
See the latest Release Notes for feature changes and bug fixes.

System Requirements:

FinchTV has been tested on the following systems:

Mac OS X Intel: 10.6 and 10.7
Mac OS X PPC: 10.2.8 through 10.5**
Windows: 98, NT, 2000, XP (Not available for Vista)
Linux: RedHat: v. 9, Enterprise WS release 3 / SuSE Linux: v. 8.2
Solaris: Solaris 2.8, 2.9

Display requirements: 800x600 screen resolution, millions of colors.

**In some cases on Mac OSX opening a file through the menu (File -> Open) causes the application to crash. To open a file, you can drag it onto an open FinchTV window.

FinchTV on Solaris requires All Solaris 8 installs include this library except for the minimum installation cluster. The 108434 and 108435 patches will install if SUNWlibC is installed.

For comments and questions, please email Geospiza at (please include FinchTV in the subject line).


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